It’s time for Edinburgh to say thank you to Elsie

Dr Elsie Inglis Campaign

AFTER an extraordinary programme of events across Edinburgh held during the first two weeks of March, celebrating the remarkable life and career of Dr Elsie Maud Inglis, the team of volunteer fundraisers behind the campaign of ‘A Statue for Elsie Inglis’ are closing in on the target milestone of £50,000.  

Now with £25,000 in the bank and a further donation of £8,000 pledged by the University of Edinburgh, the long-awaited statue seems a realistic prospect.

‘We are still smiling as we finish the first phase, having reached a total of £33,000.’  Said Thea Laurie co-founder of the Campaign:

‘Highlights of the campaign have taken us across Edinburgh from The City Chambers to St Giles Cathedral, The French Institute, St Andrews and St Georges Church, Dine Restaurant - even to the Outhouse Pub including events with Illustrious speakers - Prof Linda Bauld, Hugh Pym, archivists, novelists, descendants of Elsie Inglis and Jenni Minto MSP as she led a Cross Party Debate supporting our campaign in the Scottish Parliament.’

The fundraising campaign for a statue to mark Elsie’s pioneering spirit and honour her outstanding contribution to both the allied WW1 effort and the women’s suffrage movement will now commence it’s second phase with a new plan of action.  Elsie will become the first woman to be commemorated with a statue in the Royal Mile. It will represent a recognition of the too often forgotten contribution of women from the past who shaped the world we now all live in.

Professor Lesley McAra, University of Edinburgh Assistant Principal of Community Relations, commented:

“We are delighted to be part of this wonderful tribute to Dr Elsie Inglis.  This excellent campaign from all involved, will ensure that Dr Inglis’ outstanding contribution to medicine, women’s education and the suffrage movement is rightly celebrated and that her legacy continues.  I look forward to seeing the statue in place in the near future. “

Lord Provost Frank Ross who started the campaign following Elsie’s centennial commemorations said:

‘This is a fantastic amount of money raised for a Statue for Elsie. I’ve been proud to be involved and to see first-hand how Elsie’s life and story still inspire us all to this day.

I would like to congratulate the wonderful team of volunteers and fundraisers for their efforts so far – I have no doubt that we will soon see a fitting tribute to Dr Elsie Inglis on the streets of the capital.’

Fiona Garwood co-founder of the Campaign added: ‘We are so grateful for all the wonderful support we have received so far.  This long overdue statue of Elsie Inglis is now becoming an exciting reality!’

Published: 21st March 2022