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The High Constables of Edinburgh

The High Constables of the City of Edinburgh

High Constables Baton
High Constables Baton

The Society of the High Constables of Edinburgh was set up in 1611, in an effort to police the city after the Unification of the Crowns of Scotland and England.

Currently there are 23 wards of 12 members in the Society, with 276 members in total.

High Constables

The High Constables of the City of Edinburgh at the City Chambers

Name change

In 1810 in order to distinguish the Society from the new police force, the Society asked to use the title High Constables of the City of Edinburgh. 


Today the Society carries out ceremonial duties and regularly parades with the Lord Provost and Council to St Giles' Cathedral. It also attends other important civic occasions. The Lord Provost attends the annual general meeting and inspects the Society on parade twice a year.

You can find out more about the High Constables on the Society of High Constables of Edinburgh website.